‘The Exquisite Pain of Wide Eyed Horror’

This is the title of a thoughtful and beautifully written review of Abiding Evil, posted on Amazon by Jon Rosenberg, author of The Unicorn Crisis. He writes:

‘The Exquisite Pain of Wide Eyed Horror’

‘That is what went through my mind as I finished Alison Buck’s Abiding Evil, it is one seriously creepy book….. There are novels which have the power to grip you from their very first sentence, this is one of them. Ms Buck’s writing is superbly balanced, vivid description and tense dialogue, give way to moments of blood soaked action and shattering emotions……. Yet, for all the excellence in delivering the staples of the horror genre, with its creepy setting, crazed antagonist and flavours of the supernatural, what shines through in this book is the plausibility and humanity of its characters……. This is superb horror, wonderfully written, exciting and well paced. A treat for any fan of genre.’

Thank you so much Jon. What a fantastic review!
(The full 5 star review is posted in full on the Abiding Evil page of the Reviews section).

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