Busy Times

An update:

Life has been hectic lately and I find myself hankering after some free time in which to write.  Plot lines and characters are beginning to invade my dreams and will have to be committed to screen soon, if only for the sake of my remaining sanity ;-)

Since its launch in November [Re]Awakenings has received good reviews – not as many as I’d like, of course, but then the need for reader feedback is a constant niggle for writers.

I’m happy to say that Abiding Evil continues to sell well.  Many thanks to those who’ve bought and read it.  You may be interested to know that the second  of the two books I’m currently working on is another dark thriller.  It’s very early days yet but I am enjoying the familiar challenge of frightening myself ;-)

Devoted Sisters sells, albeit more slowly.  As a psychological study of the lives of two elderly sisters, DS was always going to be hard to categorise and therefore harder to promote to a ‘target’ readership,  but I have a fondness for this, my first book.  My only regret is that I didn’t include an epilogue describing the effects of ergot poisoning, as had been suggested by my editor.  Ah well, we live and learn – editors do know their stuff ;-)

As time and circumstance allow, I’m working to finish my next novel; Female Line.  It’s shaping up as a dark family history; focussing on the life of a woman who falls from a privileged, if lonely, childhood to the desperate isolation of a violent marriage.  As she reflects on the people and the events that have led her here; the good times, the bad, the foolishness and the wrong decisions, she resolves to act.  Her choices are limited, but clear; the story opens with her cradling a large carving knife as she sits in the dark, waiting for her husband to return.




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