Hi.  My name is Alison Buck and I’m a writer living in Kent, in the UK, with my husband and a grown son and daughter.

I have always loved to write.  It fascinates me that we can conjure images in others’ minds out of nothing more than words.  Whether in the form of the spoken word, sign language, ink on a page or pixels on a screen, words can communicate ideas, characters and places: whole worlds, to people all over the planet.   To quote Queen, “It’s a kind of magic.”

However, the clever part of the magic is that the images conjured up by the words are not the same.  Unlike films and theatre, which give all of us a single interpretation of events, every reader or listener will have their own, different take on things.  I believe that books score over film and theatre because of this huge variety of experience: no literary character will ever be envisaged in exactly the same way in any two readers’ heads.  The same word can conjure subtle differences in different people. When we write we try to express our vision, capturing it in words.  As readers we take that expression and overlay it with our own experiences of life to make something unique to ourselves.

Like I said: magic!

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