Female Line

Female Line is currently very much a ‘Work in Progress’.  It spans thirty-five years of the life of the main protagonist, Anna, and is told in a revealing series of flashbacks and memories as she faces a terrible, but inevitable confrontation.

Here is a hint of what’s in store…

Anna is sitting alone in the darkened kitchen and she has a knife in her hands.

She looks down, absently reading the maker’s name on the steel blade, then closes her eyes; lost in thought.

He’ll be back soon.

She carefully touches the side of her face.  Her teeth are jarred and sore, the whole jaw is tender but, looking down again at the blade, she feels nothing.

He won’t be long now.

As Anna waits, she dreams.  She is, at this moment, detached from all of this; from her life with him,  from the pain,  from the failure of all her dreams,  from life itself. So this is not revenge.  It’s too cold for revenge.  It’s an ending, that’s all.

A key rattles in the lock.

He is home…

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