Abiding Evil (15)

Simon Milford Writing on : Amazon Awarded :  5 stars

‘A Gripping Read’

Good characterisation, an excellent story line, keeping the suspense going through to the last page, with vivid descriptions (especially the gory bits …) – what more could you ask of a horror story.

I thoroughly recommend this to all fans of the horror genre.

Can’t wait to see the film.

Doyle Writing on : Amazon Awarded : 5 stars

‘Don’t read this on your own at night!’

Gripping, full of suspense from beginning to end, and blood curdling! I couldn’t put it down! So well written the book draws you into the story and there you stay until the end…

Giselle Writing on : Waterstones Awarded : 5 stars

‘Amazingly enticing, with wonderful imagery’

The plot was fast paced and really draws you in with beautifully illustrated characters ….. The story has impressive imagery and conjures up such wonderful visual notions; you can almost see it play through as if it were a blockbuster film in your head! I really loved it, so unfortunately finished it too quickly! That is the only criticism I can make, that it entices you too much that it is over too quickly!

Phil Kelly Writing in : DeathRay magazine Awarded : 4 stars

‘A Superb Read’

This book has all the ingredients of a really good horror story. Hapless adults with cherubic little ‘uns? Check. Ramshackle hotel in the middle of a dark forest? Naturally. Ancient evil from beyond the grave? Hell yes, and he’s as creepy as you could ask for…..Ms.Buck’s imagery is extremely vivid, tapping into the most primeval of humanity’s fears – darkness, abandonment, kidnapping, and the cold claw of nature…..It is the author’s handle on the dynamics of families and friendships that make this book so involving. We see how every character conducts themselves in a crisis situation, which is generally extremely badly……The story winds to a genuinely tense climax

John Lloyd Writing on : The Book Bag Awarded : 3.5 stars

‘Really enjoyed the filmic style’

… an ever-spreading and ever-better ride of drama, as they split up, get injured, fall over the goodies and think they’re baddies, everything in fact to allow for a decent horrific thriller to evolve ….. the writing places us there – the sense of being in snowy dark woods is only part paralleled by The Shining’s steadicam shots in the snowy hedge maze…… really enjoyed the filmic style, and found a distinct creepiness in turning the pages late at night ….. My rating of three and a half stars should get a whole extra one for when you’re snowbound in a secluded rural hotel. If (when?) you’re in that situation you could read no better to give yourself a spook.

Sarah Miles Writing in : Newsshopper

‘Chiller is a Cracking Read’

Abiding Evil grips you and makes you read on….. It’s a dark tale, full of menace…. and you are given the sense of beautiful but daunting surroundings with a forest which closes in on those within it and hides many secrets….it’s a cracking read.

Sarah Jackson Writing on : Whispers of Wickedness

‘Abiding Evil by Alison Buck’

…. her [Alison Buck's] realistic and believable portrayal of her characters and the easy way in which she created tension through her admirable psychological insight ….. The story plays excellently on a handful of fundamental human emotions and core fears. Love for our children, the fear of something terrible happening to them and the willingness to sacrifice oneself for their safety. And then there’s the fear of being cut off from civilization with all of its modern conveniences, from mobile phones to GPS trackers. We rely so heavily on all of these things, the idea of being trapped without them is something often used in the horror genre, and something used to good effect in this story. Buck also calls on another, deeper fear. The idea of evil itself. She forces her protagonists to face the possibility of it, and in doing so, forces the reader to consider it also ….. should appeal to those who enjoy a good thriller as well as horror.

A. Lucas “bookworm” Writing on: Amazon Awarded : 5 stars

‘A fantastic, scary read’

I absolutely LOVED this book. Although I couldn’t wait to see what happened next, I really didn’t want it to end….. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I am going to read the other book by the same author next, and I’m hoping it will be as good. I wish there were even more from her to read. Everything about this book was spot on – I really urge everyone to read it!

Jon Rosenberg Writing on : Amazon Awarded : 5 stars

‘The Exquisite Pain of Wide Eyed Horror’

That is what went through my mind as I finished Alison Buck’s Abiding Evil, it is one seriously creepy book.

There are novels which have the power to grip you from their very first sentence, this is one of them. Ms Buck’s writing is superbly balanced, vivid description and tense dialogue, give way to moments of blood soaked action and shattering emotions, before the latter withdraws, leaving you wondering ‘did that actually happen?’ It’s makes for a compelling and memorable read.

Yet, for all the excellence in delivering the staples of the horror genre, with its creepy setting, crazed antagonist and flavours of the supernatural, what shines through in this book is the plausibility and humanity of its characters. They are people whom every reader will feel that they know, more, they are us. There is at least one person here with whom each reader will be able to identify. As you delve deeper into the mystery and the ever more violent terrors which unfold, you’ll begin to care and worry about the well being of these characters, as you would for your own friends, as you would for yourself, if you were ever so unlucky to be caught up in the diabolical imagination Ms Buck. All the more, as the author demonstrates that the true horror is found not in the visceral, for all its brilliant gore, but in the psychological, where the truth opens up as an terrible epiphany.

To say much more would be to run the risk of spoiling the read for others, a sin by anybody’s standards. This is superb horror, wonderfully written, exciting and well paced. A treat for any fan of genre.

spiritfox Writing on : Amazon Awarded : 5 stars

‘This is a fantastic read’

Im not very good with expressing myself in words but after reading this books i had to comment on it. This is one of the best books ive ever read, And its up there in my top five, I total agree with all the other 5 star reviews that have been posted.

Once again thankyou Alison for letting me have the pleasure in reading your book.

Mrs Readsalot Writing on : Amazon Awarded : 5 stars

‘Great scary read’

I have never written a review before, but felt compelled to comment on this book. It gripped from the first chapter and held on tight all the way through to the end, and still left you wanting more.

I could really identify with the characters, they were easy to love or hate, or feel totally discusted with. I would say that this book has impressed me as much as Dean Koonzt at his height and I would recommend to anyone looking for a great suspensful story with some horror and supernatural thrown in for good measure.

Steve Jensen Writing on : Amazon Awarded : 5 stars

‘A Star is Born’

A great and exciting new talent, now enjoying deserved success; Alison Buck has a marvellous literary future ahead of her, I’m certain./p>

The Happy Cleaner Writing on : Amazon Awarded : 5 stars

‘Brilliant Read – will have you looking over your shoulder!!!!!!!!!’

Well all I can say is if you buy this book you will not be disappointed – its BRILLANT!!

Great characters (some nicer than others) – excellent storyline (I couldn’t put it down) – full of suspense from start to finish. I didn’t want it to finish – any chance of a sequel???????????

Oh and lastly I sure won’t be taking a walk in any remote forests in the near future……………….

Darkiss Writing on : Amazon & DarkissReads.com Awarded : 5 stars

‘The best horror I have read in years”

I will tell you right from the start that this is one of the finest horror novels I have ever read. There is no doubt in my mind that Alison Buck is one of the best writers of horror around today. Abiding Evil left me hanging on the edge of my chair so many times that the next time I read one of her books I may strap myself into my seat. The story drew me in from the first page and never released its grip. Even hours after putting down my Kindle I found this story playing on my mind.

The tale is told in two parts, the first of which takes us quickly through a number of years and acts as a lunch pad for the main meat of the novel. The background narrative is detailed and fully believable while at the same time setting a chill in your soul. This chilled spot only grows as the story progresses. The second part of the tale fills out with multiple characters all of whom feel as natural as the people you meet every day. You can identify with most people in the book, including the not so nice ones. Everyone’s back story and personality are fully formed and developed. Their interactions are credible and plausible, giving you the feeling that you really know their characters. The plot develops a web of suspense and tension that builds into an explosive ending.

The villain in Abiding Evil is one that will give any parent nightmares for years to come and is as memorable as all the great monsters of modern horror. Alison Buck has created an evil that just cries out for a sequel and her unlikely heroes capture your heart from the start. Everyone within that book has been fashioned with such care and attention that you quickly become emotionally involved with the storyline.

The quality of writing within this book is as good as it gets. The pacing of the plot is perfect and carries you through the story at just the right speed. I found myself hitting every major emotion there is with this book. The locations are depicted with such meticulous detail and sense of atmosphere that I feel that I was there during the horrid events of the story.

In short I could find nothing lacking in this book. I don’t know why Alison Buck’s name is not better known. If this book is anything to go by she is easily as good as Stephen King or Dean Koontz. I don’t think I can recommend this book enough. If you enjoy horror with a real fear-provoking storyline then read Abiding Evil and then recommend it to all your friends. If there was ever an author that deserved to be seen on the shelves of all the high street bookstores then it’s Alison Buck.

Barry Crowther Writing on : Amazon Awarded : 5 stars

‘Great Writing and a Real Shocker”

I’ve just finished Abiding Evil…
Well, what a pleasant surprise. I couldn’t put it down. Great writing, I mean really great. This is what I want when I buy a Kindle eBook as some quality can be questionable. Not this time.

This proved the point that unknowns can be great new talent and this novel totally blew me away. I don’t like to write reviews that seem over-hyped but this has to be an exception. I was very impressed with the story, the way the characters came to life, unexpected happenings …. Abiding Evil shouldn’t be missed. Read it.

Not sure whether this is Alison’s first time out the gate, but if it is, what a tour de force. I’ll take a look for her other work. Highly recommended.

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