[Re]Awakenings (6)

Tigger’s Mum       Writing on : Amazon       Awarded :  5 stars

‘More please!’

What a lovely anthology of stories. Speculative fiction is new to me and thoroughly enjoyable. I read all of the stories and none of them failed to please. They were vividly written and absorbing… have a lovely browse through the different themes and worlds. More please!

Jon Rosenberg       Writing on : Amazon       Awarded :  5 stars

‘A Many Facetted Jewel’

…This is a fantastic collection of stories. Fantastic in both senses of the word, collectively they represent a great read and, individually, they’re strange, thought provoking and not entirely of this world.

One of the principal pleasures of such a collection is the chance to read through the work of several different writers and have the opportunity to revel in their individual ideas, styles and quirks, P.R. Pope deserves praise for having gathered and presented such a diverse and eclectic mix. We have the deceptively smooth and graceful Alison Buck, whose work I’ve previously championed and this outing only goes to confirm my impression of her all-round prowess; the refreshingly satirical Neil Faarid; Alex Skye, who mixes razor sharp technical prowess with genuine emotion; not to mention the delightfully meta-fictional Gingerlily; we have Peter Wolfe whose excellent grasp of the mechanics of fairy tales, allows him to twist them into new and unusual shapes; Robin Moran who can create fear from handful words, yet whose reality is so clearly our own that you feel than you will never wake from her nightmares and, of course, Pope’s own contributions – which are gems, rich in both language and meaning.

These stories will be the first introduction for many readers to these writers and it’s a damn good one…

Sandy M “The Mad Jock”       Writing on : Amazon       Awarded :  4 stars

‘Very Interesting’

A wide ranging selection of stories in many different SF, Fantasy and even Horror genres. Without exception well written and stimulating. I particularly enjoyed Alison Buck’s “Podcast” and await more of Kit Brennan’s adventures!… As a showcase for the authors concerned, absolutely excellent, hope we hear more from this talented bunch soon!

Ninian Boyle       Writing on : Amazon       Awarded :  5 stars

‘Clever and Thought Provoking ‘

It would be reasonable to think that a book of short stories might be variable in quality as every author has their own style, however I found that this realy wasn’t the case with (Re)Awakenings. It is a series of well described and cleverly put together stories with a theme. I found them compelling and even slightly disturbing. The literary style is consistently of a very high standard. I would say congratulations to all of the authors…This book deserves to do well and I recommend it to you without equivocation.

Mews       Writing on : Amazon       Awarded :  5 stars


I initially bought this book so I could dip in and out of it between longer novels (as I am inclined to do with short story collections). However as soon as I started it, I really couldn’t put it down and had to continue until I was finished. Each story is as interesting as the last. My personal favourite was Podcast. Brilliant collection. Highly recommended.

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